System Development is a very serious matter.

We can design any LAN-based or Web-based applications. Most of our projects are customized. If you need an application for your business, we can design and deploy your application based on your requirements. We are serious, and we do accept projects from a serious client.

Below is a partial list of our successfully implemented customized programs:

1. Online enrollment system
2. Human Resource Management System
3. Online Point-of-Sale (POS) with Job Order and Inventory
4. Online Inventory System
5. Online Betting
6. Online call management system
7. Online Philippine Barangay survey
8. Web-based credit bureau
9. Fuel Oil(ADO,ULG,Kerosine, etc) monitoring and inventory system with sales and  profit report. (new)
10. Customized Automated weighing scale system, capturing the weighing scale information via RS232(serial ports) and save all the data into MySQL database for inventory System. (new)

We are using PHP and MySQL in our web-based and LAN-based projects.

What we can do for you.

  • If common standard programs available in the market do not fit in your application, or you need a powerful program to centralize all the data of your branches nationwide (even worldwide), you may contact us anytime.
  • If you need setting up LINUX server in your company, we are expert on this area.
  • If you need any type of web-based application, integrated in your local area network, we can deploy this application for you.
  • If you need a local database to synchronize in your remote database or server, this task is our favorite.
  • If you need to implement securities in your database and applications
  • If you need an e-commerce or online store with online payment integration
  • If you need to implement your own dedicated server (LINUX or Windows OS)
  • If you want to integrate SMS application in your existing process.

We are proud to say, that we have successfully completed all our contracted projects.

Our Commitment

We deliver projects based on our agreed contract and our “After Sales” Service is one of the top priorities we consider. It is nor just a “note” or a “slogan” but it remains as part of our commitment.

We do not accept projects which is beyond our capability, and we do not accept payments without written contract. This is to protect our clients and to give benefits to both parties.

We do not give the task to other 3rd party Developers.  You are assured that your projects remains confidential and we are the direct contact of your projects.